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Fire Escape

Restoration & Repair

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Mobile Welding

Mobile welding for your project, including but not limited to Structural, Private Residents, Commercial, Industrial, Ornamental, Agriculture, Construction, Campers, Vehicle Repairs, Axle Repair, Farm Equipment, Dump Body Repairs.

Powder Coating


As far as the finish is concerned, powder coating is more durable than most other options. When it cures, the powder will form chemical bonds in the process and creating a flexible, durable finish. Powder coated parts are highly resistant to corrosion, flaking, and scratching.



Powder coating is easy to maintain; no special solvents or cleaners are required. Because these coatings are so resistant to corrosion and damage, there’s no concern over rust and other cleaning-related damage. In most applications, an occasional wipe with soapy water is enough to keep parts clean and useful for years into the future.


Welding Repair

We repair anything from small spot welds to restoring damaged metal work and refinishing. Repairing gates, railings and fences.

Give us a call so we can make appointment to bring in your damaged goods.

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